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Episode 53: The Prophecies


Book of Lucifer

Episode # 53-54
Air Date: 9\25\89
The Prophecies
Cursed Antique: Book of Lucifer
Note: Subsequent airings split this episode into two parts

Astaroth1, disciple of Satan, plans to bring the Antichrist into the world with a series of murders and events. Jack travels to France, to visit visionary Sister Adelle, who is endangered by the Prophecies of Satan. By the time Micki and Ryan arrive on a later flight, Jack is in a coma, and unable to share what he learned.

Ryan's strange behavior becomes worse as he murders Sister Adelle and kidnaps a young child, who is to become the vessel for the Antichrist. Johnny is called on to help when Micki is left alone to cope with the dark situation developing around her.

1 The spelling Astaroth is corrected from the earlier version of this page, and is confirmed via the script for The Prophecies

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The Prophecies


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