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Episode 1: The Inheritance



Episode # 1
Air Date: 9\28\87
The Inheritance
Cursed Antique: Doll

This was F13's premiere episode. Micki Foster and Ryan Dallion meet for the first time at the shop (Vendredi Antiques), which they have inherited from their uncle, Lewis Vendredi. The two cousins eventually meet Jack Marshak (in a most interesting manner). We also get a first glimpse into Micki's socialite life with her fianc'e, Lloyd.

Ryan is excited about the inheritance, and is excited about running the shop, but Micki is less than thrilled (to say the least) and is eager to sell. Her dislike of the shop is further fueled by a creepy doll-related experience that she has while trapped in The Vault (the supernatural storage facility that houses all of the cursed antiques). After a short argument about whether or not to sell, there is a cut away scene, and the next thing we see is a big blowout sale...everything must go!

They wind up selling off a lot of merchandise, including several Cursed Antiques that had been cursed by the devil. Then they discover the manifest that lists all of the cursed objects...including at least one of the objects that were sold by Micki and Ryan. Driven by a sense of purpose, Jack's information about Lewis' deal with the devil, and partly by guilt, the two set out to retrieve their very first cursed object:
the doll that terrorized Micki in The Vault. A doll that is now in the hands of a spoiled brat girl.

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The Inheritance


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